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The projects we support are not directed to a single area such as energy. Whether measuring devices or simply basic chemicals such as small amounts of pure metals or reagents to perform some simple analyzes, we need equipment.
So more we are to get involved in these projects, more we will be efficient, but we need more material to equip the volunteer of various working groups that can be initiated.
For example, if you know a business that needs renewing equipment and agrees to give us his obsolete equipment, you can let us know so that we can contact them. It is a form of support that costs nothing but can greatly help us.


Preparing models often requires the manufacture of mechanical or electronic boards very specific. We are also looking for people who could assist us by their advice and expertise. All proposals are welcome.


Beyond the material there is still an other way to get involved and help us. Simply becoming somewhat ambassador for our association. If you are interested in our concept, it is likely that you have relationships with people who have at least one common focus with you. Make them aware of the existence of this association will always be positive.

In the same spirit of openness, the English translation of all the texts presented here can help to reach a wider audience.
We thank's any volunteer proposal for translation assistance.


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